Your personality is your paycheck. Stop giving discounts!

Yesterday’s price is not today’s price.


Before I spill the tea, let’s talk about who these offers are for…

You’re a coach or influencer who sells services, memberships, courses, and/or your personality.

Your services are top-tier and you’re ready to command the premium prices that align with the value.

You’re ready to make enough profit to fire your 9 to 5 and break free from trading time for money.

That’s you? Thought so! Let’s get into it..

Everything you need to launch your next course or membership. 

The Luxe Launch™

This luxury-level experience is strategized to fit the specific needs of your offer. Get qualified leads lined up at your virtual door and repeatedly refreshing your countdown clock for your smoothest, most profitable launch yet.

what's included:

Custom launch strategy

In-depth market research and voice of customer data

A messaging guide defining your signature brand voice and personality

IG or Facebook Ads

Landing page for opt-in offer

Email sequence

Sales Page

And more!


Jayla Koriyan, YouTube Personality & Influencer

Tiffanie really believed in my brand and saw my vision through! I love what she put together for my website.


Web Copy

Get the shiny, new words to match your shiny, new website. Premium design is wasted without premium copy.

what's included:

In-depth market research and voice of customer data

A messaging guide defining your signature brand voice and personality

Four pages of research-backed copy optimized for conversion and enhanced organic search performance (SEO)

Personality-packed 404 error page to maintain brand consistency

Up to three rounds of revisions

Overhaul your existing website with fresh, refined messaging to ramp up conversions or target a new audience.


Are your subscribers hearing crickets after getting that initial confirmation email? Stop leaving money on the table.


Your highest chance of conversion is within the first two weeks after a prospect joins your email list.
Stay unforgettable and collect the coins on autopilot with a customized Welcome Sequence, followed up with weekly check-ins to continue building connections and giving value.

Welcome sequence

Voice of customer interviews or surveys

5-7 emails designed to convert subscribers into clients

Subject lines, preview lines, and sequencing/timing recommendations

Up to two rounds of revisions



Voice of customer interviews or surveys

Ongoing weekly or biweekly emails to build trust and nurture your relationship with subscribers

Subject lines, preview lines, and sequencing/timing recommendations

One round of revisions per email


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Tell me all about your brand and the copy you need me to razzle-dazzle. I only accept projects for brands I am confident I can help get to the next level.

The Method to My Magic

Apply to Work With Me

I will send all your onboarding materials, including any questionnaires or prep work, at least one week prior to your project start date.


Once you’ve completed your prep work, we will meet to get to know one another and discuss the details and goals of your project.

A Date at the Zoom Cafe

Research, writing, and revisions on repeat till it’s perfect.

Wizardry + Wordsmithery

Brand new copy in your inbox ready for immediate implementation.

Get ready to sell out your courses, book back-to-back brand deals, and be your only boss for good.

Hit me up if you need help writing that resignation email, sis.